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A public school board, Limestone is funded and regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Limestone offers a wide variety of program choices and activities which aim to develop the whole child.

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About Kingston

As home to Queen’s University, Royal Military College, and St. Lawrence College, Kingston boasts some of the very best university and college programs in Canada.

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A Symbol of Trust

Limestone District School Board is recognized as a provider of education programs that uphold national quality standards,


Limestone offers international students the opportunity to live with a Canadian family while they attend school in Kingston. For international students and their parents, this trusted network of local families offers many important benefits

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Queen's Pathway
This unique program provides pre-evaluation to a Queen’s University Bachelor of Arts degree program when they enter Grade 12 at Limestone.

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Secondary Programs

Limestone welcomes international students into its secondary school program, which spans from Grade 9 (age 14) to Grade 12 (age 18) and leads to the granting of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

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Elementary Programs

Limestone welcomes international students into its elementary school program, where they can benefit from our inclusive, caring approach to child development.

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International Education Office
Limestone District School Board
164 Van Order Drive, 1st Floor
Kingston, Ontario

K7M 1C1


(phone) 613-544-7745
(fax) 613-544-8997

(e) international@limestone.on.ca


Limestone District School Board is located in Kingston, Ontario, a small city of 120,000 people located at the eastern mouth of Lake Ontario. Kingston is rich in history, quality of life, and post-secondary education opportunities. With more Ph.D. holders per capita than any other Canadian city, Kingston is Canada's education capital.


Limestone District School Board is the gateway to many outstanding educational opportunities that await international students in Kingston. Your future here is bright!

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