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Joining a local club outside of school is a great way to experience life in Canada and meet people in the community. We provide this list to highlight some of the many activities available to students around the Kingston area.


Kingston Blue Marlins www.swimkingston.ca

Kingston Sharks Swim Club



Kingston United Soccer Club http://kusc.ca/

Pegagus AC; pegasus@kos.net

Cataraqui Clippers http://clipperssoccer.com/



5678 Dance Studio

Kingston School of Dance


Music Lessons

Piano, guitar, violin, and many other instruments: Long and McQuade Kingston


Tennis and Squash


Horseback Riding





The Queen's University Fencing Club welcomes people from the Kingston community.








Landings Golf Course www.thelandings.ca


Canoeing and Kayaking







“My name is Patricia Loya and I am from Veracruz, Mexico.

I was given the opportunity to study in Canada for a year, and it has become one of the best experiences of my life.


I was 17 years old at the time and I studied at Bayridge Secondary School, but it’s not just about learning a language; it’s about being in a different culture, learning how to be more independent, meeting a lot of people, developing social skills and growing up as a human being, knowing that you are the only one who can make this experience, one in a million.


The program and the coordinators were definitely really helpful through the whole year, they were always there to support the exchange students and we all enjoyed spending time with them on the road trips and activities they organized for us to get to know each other better and to get involved with the Canadian culture.


My home stay family of course, was the most important part of this experience; they took me in and make me feel like home the whole time. I’m really thankful I got to meet them, and these are people I will never forget.

Being in the exchange student program was an opportunity I will always remember because thanks to everything I lived and learned I became the person I am today.”



In September of 2011 I had the greatest experience of my life.

“I went to Canada to live for five months with a homestay family and to study in a Canadian high school. I've been blessed to stay in such an amazing family and meet great people from all around the world. At first it was weird not being in your own country, eating different food and experiencing new habits. But I got used to it with time. I thought it was very interesting the schooling experience. In Brazil we study 12 subjects in a year. In Canada was 4 subjects in one semester. I had never experienced temperatures below zero degrees in my life and I had never seen snow.. I thought it was amazing! I think going away from all you are used to, and having to adapt yourself to a new situation, makes you grow up and get to know yourself a little better. It's not only about learning another language. It is about learning a different culture, getting to know yourself and the world around you.”


Júlia da Costa Dias Coelho





My name is Nikole Zuñiga Quiroz and I’m from Barcelona, Spain.

“I was only 15 years old when I travelled alone overseas for the first time. I was scared to be in a different house, with a different family and a different language, but everything turned out in a great way thanks to Sevena Flindall’s family.


The first morning that I woke up in another bed than mine was surprisingly like still being at home. Every member of the family welcomed me and each one of them treated me like I had always been there. Sevena made me feel like I was part of their family and took care of each one of my needs in a very parental way. I always remember how I enjoyed the family meetings, the delicious dinners and the “hot tube”. My use of English improved in a whole new level thanks to them. I ended up preferring to spend more time with them than being at school! They showed me how was the everyday life of Canadian families and it was like a dream come true. I went to Canada to learn English, but my experience in their family enriched me in a personal way.


I will always recommend Sevena Flindall’s family as a great company to live with, the moments I spent with them have a special place in my heart and my memories with them are the best part of my trip to Canada.”




My name is Wesly Zhan, I come from Shandong Yantai, China.

“I have been studying in Loyalist Collegiate & Vocational Institute(LCVI) since the January of 2012. In the end of this year I will graduate from LCVI so this is my last year studying here. To be honest I love Kinston very much and it made me feel very comfortable living in this city. And in LCVI I am not only studying but also participated lots of activities such as badminton club, mathlete etc. And after school I usually spent my time on volunteer. Basicly it’s pretty easy to get a volunteer and i also did various types of it. For me, the most impressed one was in the St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital. I spent almost 70 hours here with patients, talking, doing tray, and primary care. Definitely doing volunteer is a good way to improve English especially for all international students. It also helped with the social experience and university’s requirement. At last i have to say, studying English is a long process, there is no path jumping to success. So be patient and do more practice, I believe everyone can make it out.”




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Limestone District School Board is located in Kingston, Ontario, a small city of 120,000 people located at the eastern mouth of Lake Ontario. Kingston is rich in history, quality of life, and post-secondary education opportunities. With more Ph.D. holders per capita than any other Canadian city, Kingston is Canada's education capital.


Limestone District School Board is the gateway to many outstanding educational opportunities that await international students in Kingston. Your future here is bright!


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